Attorney Luke Ragsdale

Attorney Luke Ragsdale

Business Law

Contract Ragsdale Law Firm as your legal representation if your business is in need of any of the following:

*Employment law
*Business organization
*Natural resource law
*Property issues
*Creditor protection
*Contract negotiations
*Deal brokering

We have worked with businesses throughout the state of New Mexico. From small start-ups working to get all their ducks in a row, to large firms looking into acquisitions and mergers, to companies filing for bankruptcy, we’ve done it all. Our experienced corporate attorneys can help protect your business as well as your personal assets.

We understand the complex laws that business owners must abide by. We can help you make sure that you are legally protected at the federal, state, and local levels. Ensure that the proper paperwork, inspections, and licenses have been filed and kept up to date with the right agencies.

Business owners are liable for their actions, the products they produce, accidents that happen on their properties, and the actions of their employees and representatives. Therefore, it is imperative that you have an attorney that you can call at any time with legal questions and issues.

Our goal as the lawyer for your New Mexico business is for you to succeed and turn a profit. Your business, whether large or small, is your passion and your livelihood. Let us help you move forward and protect what you have worked so hard for. No matter what industry you are in—property development, banking, farming, retail,  food preparation, media—we are prepared to represent your business in and out of Florida’s courts. There is no business too small to be our client. If you are a closely-held family business, we know that there are unique issues that arise as a result. We can aid you in keeping things all in the family, by setting up a will and estate that will ensure your survivors are prepared to take over the family business without a difficult transition.

What does the future of your business look like? Call us today and we can help you get here. Our team is ready and waiting to serve you.